G’day friends!

So it’s the 21st century and beauty is dead. Well, not dead exactly. But it’s no longer a relevant goal for a photographer to think about, because an exquisitely beautiful photo is now common and expected. Beauty is easy. What counts now is something that gets the viewer to laugh, to think, and to be captivated.

I completed a fine arts degree at uni, but I never fit in there because I wanted to create populist, easily accessible work that treats the viewer like a friend, taking them for a ride or letting them in on the joke. So I found my home in advertising and magazines instead, where imagery’s purpose is not to obfuscate, but to tell stories and delight the viewer.

In my life as a photographer I’ve worked for Fairfax Media, The Australian Government (The Australian War Memorial), and ad agencies across Australia. I’ve created covers and editorial content for over 32 issues of Canberra’s most read magazines (In the City, See Canberra, Canberra Style). I’ve worked with over 300 Australian businesses to create advertising campaigns.

But I’m not done yet. There’s so much more to do – so please get in touch if you want to help me do it. 🙂