crazy-music-portrait-holy-drummerBack when I was in uni, I photographed a series with different kinds of artists as subjects. Naturally the first subject was this guy, cause he’s my brother. Shane Spellman. What’s with the religious imagery? Well, to people like my brother, music is like a religion. It’s really a deep obsession to him. He spends hours every day going over and over the same techniques like a machine. Usually when we’d drag him out to eat dinner as a family, Shane would get uncomfortable or grumpy because he felt he should be at home practicing music.

This obsession is a source of ambivalence for many artists. Their passion can be a source of inspiration and joy, but it can also make it difficult to manage other aspects of life. And with strong passions can come insecurities: Am I good enough? Can I ever make a living off of this? Do others enjoy and respect what I do? This ambivalence underlies some of the…stranger… images we created below.