note: Dan will be in America from 11/4/2017 and Europe from 17/5/2017, returning to Australia on 5/7/2017.

Photography by Dan Spellman

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Imaging Expertise

We’ve created advertising and editorial content for more than 300 businesses from Canberra & surrounds, and worked with the capital’s most popular print publications.  See how our work looks in print.

Concept is King

You don’t need an ad agency to produce an incredible photography campaign. We’ll be with you from the beginning to find an  attention grabbing idea that will tell your unique story.

Retouching beyond skin

Whether it’s incorporating people or objects that couldn’t be present on set, to creating special effects and impossible scenes, our advanced retouching will take your images to the next level.

See everything, instantly

Forget looking at the back of the camera. We shoot with our camera connected to a laptop. View images on a proper sized screen in high definition to ensure they look great and make adjustments on set.